Cedar Dawn Farm


Cedar Dawn Farm

Cedar Dawn Farm
Rt 1 Box 293-T Alderson, WV 24910
Phone: Rachel 304 – 661-0970 Mike 304-667-7188

Cedar Dawn Farm is a grazing operation that produces direct market grass fed meats. We strive to produce healthy food through healthy livestock. We produce beef, goat, and lamb naturally free from hormones, antibiotics, and unnecessary chemicals. We use good stockmanship and handle our animals with respect. We breed for animals that require low commercial inputs and that are naturally disease resistant and healthy. We focus our feeding program on maximum use of pasture, no grain, proper minerals, including kelp, and pure water from our limestone valleys.

Our livestock include Kiko based meat goats, Katadin sheep, and Highland cattle as well as Muscovy ducks. We also produce beef from Angus based stocker calves from local family farms and do some custom grazing.

Our agricultural practices focus on reclaiming abandoned pastureland through use of livestock with limited commercial inputs or machinery. Our fertility comes primarily from our livestock and grazing management not from oil. We use management intensive grazing, goats to control brush, stockpiled winter grazing, and forest management to treat the land with respect naturally.

Our meats are available by the half or whole (and quarters for beef) or by the cut. We produce seasonally with most availability late summer through early winter and only limited quantities. Pre-order is need for quarters, halves and whole, contact us by phone or email. Our products are also available through Monroe Farm Market Cooperative www.MonroeFarmMarket.com.


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