Milligan Creek Farm

Milligan Creek Farm

Milligan Creek Farm

Scott and Joanna Kiddle
RR 2, Box 273
Lewisburg, West Virginia 24901
(304) 904-0552

Our Farm. Your Table. One cut at a time. Natural 100% Angus, High Angus, and Highland Beef — Dry-aged steaks, roasts, and burger. Email us to get beef from our farm on your table!

Offering Grass-Fed beef by the cut, with grain-finishing by request. Always free of added growth hormones, steroids, unnecessary antibiotics and animal-by-product feeds. Just like from the store, but you know what you are getting, and it is local. Call or email us!, 304-904-0552 or 304-904-1405.


One response to “Milligan Creek Farm

  1. Hey y’all, I was browsing online and I saw a post that y’all had made back in December about having a set of twins born to one of your Highlands. You said you wanted the bull calf, who’d been rejected by his mother to go to a good home as a pet, and that the sister might could go with him. I’m in Aiken County SC and I’ve got 50+ acres here. I was really wanting to get a couple of calves to raise as pets and wondered if you still had this pair. If so, what you would expect to sell them for? I don’t unfortunately have a very large amount of money I could spend on this venture for the calves. But if you still have them, and want them to have a good home, I could provide that. I would greatly appreciate an email or call from y’all letting me know if these animals are still available. Thank you much,

    Matt Windham
    Cell: (803)671-4354

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