Swift Level Farm


Swift Level Farm

Tootie Jones
304 661.6777
Swift Level Website
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Family farming in Southern WV since 1843.

Swift Level practices thoughtful and knowledgeable animal husbandry with humane and respectful treatment . Our steers live an organic life, free of antibiotics and hormone implants. Swift Level is chemical, pesticide and herbicide-free, which means our animals are too!

Our steers grow as nature intended and are never pushed to meet market 65570_10150705502446420_1876808869_ncriteria, in fact, they never go to market and we never feed any grain. These steers live and move about freely on rich native grasses in large pastures and have unlimited access to fresh limestone spring water. We believe that hills, movement and normal activity support healthy animals with bodies that are strong, organs that are clean and cattle that seem to be quite content. When moved, we do so quietly and gently on foot and by horseback in this mountain valley as we have done so for generations.

We guarantee that our steers are not harassed, electric-prodded or stressed in any unnecessary manner. If they are stressed, we wait a day and let things settle. We work very closely with the processing of each steer. Our beef dry hangs for a minimum of 40 days and is USDA inspected. Each steer is individually and carefully processed and has no contact with any other meat. The life of the steer is tracked to the individual package of meat providing assurance that the entire history of the meat you are eating is documented.

We support: Slow Food, Eat Wild, Lewisburg Farm Markets, Monroe Farm Markets, WV Buy Fresh Buy Local, Local Harvest, Slow Money, Farm Forward, WV Food and Farm Coalition and Farm to School Programs.


Pricing is by the desired cut and weight per pound and there is no minimum order. All packaging is vacuum sealed and frozen that day. We process every month and we do suggest ordering ahead if you know of something special you have in mind or would like your meat to be fresh and not frozen. We keep a well stocked inventory at the farm yet please call ahead to insure someone is available.  We have product for sale at the farm year round and that we always welcome visitors (scheduled visits) especially children!

Contact: Tootie Jones swiftlevel@gmail.com, 304 661.6777

The package weights vary as we are not a factory type business, each piece of meat is carefully hand cut and trimmed. When ordering, please let us know what weight you desire and we will select a cut close to that.

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