Walkup Farm

Walkup Farm Beef

Walkup Farm

Contact: John Walkup
HC 66 Box 314
Renick, WV 24966

The Walkup Farm is an Angus cow-calf operation that produces grass-fed beef. Our primary focus is to produce a natural, healthier product by following the guidelines of the American Grass-Fed Beef Association and to practice agricultural methods that promote long-term conservation benefits. Priority is given to management techniques that minimize oil based inputs, incorporate the use of organic fertilizers and natural supplements, and refrain from the use of antibiotics, hormones and grain products.

Walkup Farm
Walkup Farm incorporates winter grazing into its management program with stockpiling to ensure year-round grass is available. Supplements and feeds includes pasture grasses, farm produced hay and silage hay, trace mineral salt, kelp and garlic. Special attention is given to follow high standards of ethical treatment. we believe nothing is more healthy for cattle than grass. and grass-fed beef is the healthiest choice of beef for consumers.




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